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      WOWY Awards are CANCELLED for 2014!! : (


I am very sorry to have to announce that the this year's WOWY Awards are CANCELLED! . . .

As our reason for being here at Azhdaya's Laire is to Learn & Share, our Coven Members are at our very core and I obviously would not be able to do what I do without YOU! . . . That is why I created the WOWY Awards, in the first place - as a way for me to honour and give thanks to our Members who contribute to our Mission to "Learn & Share" our Wisdom & Knowledge) by participating our Forums ( i.e. "Grimore"

It would have been our 4th Annual WOWY Awards . . . However, as I mentioned in previous messages, our Facebook Page/Group (where most of the activity & sharing used to happen has been HACKED and I am no longer able to access that Forum and any/all attempts to contact or get help from Facebook have gone UN-ANSWERED!! : (

As a result, I cannot take into account any Azhdaya's Laire Members from Facebook (as I cannot access the Facebook Account & Group to check to see who has been most active) . . . Therefore, from now on, we will be doing ALL of our Learning & Sharing here on the Website and our Twitter Account (which currently is still active & accessable to me):

In reviewing our Grimoire/Forum,
I notice that there has, unfortunately, been no activity in the past year (myself being guilty, as well) and, therefore, nothing to judge . . . So, I'm sorry to say that I'm forced to dispense with this year's WOWY Awards ~ I am very sorry & sad for this, my friends! : (

I will, myself, focus more (a lot more) on this Website and make sure I am active in posting in the Grimoire/Forums
. . . I will also try to be more active on our Twitter Account and lead by example so that, despite losing access our Facebook Group, we can continue to "Learn & Share" here on the Website ~ And, hopefully, NEXT YEAR WE WILL BE ABLE TO RESUME the WOWY Awards!! : )

Again, I am sorry to have to deliver this news, but I look forward to the next year and to seeing you all in the Website Forums! : )

Blessings, Azhdaya )O(


     Welcome to the 4th Annual WOWY Awards!!!

CONGRATULATIONS again to last year's winner,

George Rix (aka Seawitch)!!

George has now won 2 years in a row! Thank you, George - Way to "Learn & Share"

 ) O (

WELCOME to the 4nd Annual WOWY Awards (4/3/2014)!! . . .

WOWY stands for: "Witch Or Wizard of the Year" . . . I created the Awards in gratitude & appreciation of our Coven Members.

Each year one Witch or Wizard who has been most active & productive as far as contributing to the Coven's Mission of Learning & Sharing our Wisdom & Knowlege (i.e. adding to or responding to Posts or starting a New Post in any of our Forum Threads ("Grimoire" link) wins the Award!! . . . You may recall, when you registered to Join the Site, you were asked a couple of questions, including: If you are here to "Learn & Share" and a Pledge to Participate in the Forums ("Grimoire") at least 4 times per year.

It's also a good way to Raise Awareness for The Craft!! )O(


             ~ About the WOWY Awards ~








Welcome to the 1st Annual WOWY Awards (4/3/2011)!!! . . .

The WOWY Awards stands for: "Witch Or Wizard of the Year" Awards ~

I created the Awards in order to Honour & Celebrate the Members of our Coven: Azhdaya's Laire

. . . Each year one Witch or Wizard who has been the most active and/or productive as far as contributing to the Coven's Mission of Learning & Sharing our Wisdom & Knowlege for that previous year will be selcected to win the Award!! . . .

The Awards are OPEN to the PUBLIC and EVERYONE is WELCOME to ATTEND , but only  COVEN MEMBERS  are ELIGIBLE to win the AWARD!!


So, if you're not a Member yet . . . COME JOIN US:

If you are interested in Native, Natural & Earth Magick & Religions (aka: Wicca, Witchcraft, Wytchcraft, The Craft, Etc. ~ and including all the various Native Traditions, such as Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal, Etc.), come into my Laire and we will Learn & Share!! . . .

Join Us:

*  NOTE RE: Facebook Page & Goup . . .

Sadly, our Facebook Page & Account have been hacked! . . . We have NOT been able to get ANY help from Facebook and so, unfortunately, are forced to abandon that Forum! :(

If you are (or know anyone) who is, or may be, on our Facebook Page:

Please accept my apologies for not being able to include you in consideration for this year's WOWY Awards (likewise, unfortunately, any activity or participation you may have taken on Facebook's Azhdaya's Laire will not be able to be considered) . . . However, if you also are (or have been) a Member on this WEBSITE (and you have participated in the Forums ("Grimoire") over the past year, you are still ELIGIBLE for the AWARD!!  : )

Again, I am sorry for this unfortunate situation but, as I said, since it seems Facebook is not responding to our account being hacked, there is no way for me to access our Facebook Page and/or Account and, therefore, be able to include any Members who may be solely active there . . . So, again, if you are a Member on our Facebook Page/Group (or know anyone who may be), please let them know and please (if you/they have not already) JOIN US here on the Website, so you can continue to participate and contribute and we can continue to "Learn & Share our Wisdom" (and you will be eligible for next year's WOWY Awards. : )

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,

Blessed Be, Azhdaya Ravenwolf ~