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Here you will find various items used in our Beliefs & Practice . . . Everything you need to build the foundations of an Altar is here (something to represent each of the Elements used in Rituals).

1. Linen Cloth (Earth )

2. Incense (Air)

3. Candles (Fire)

4. Holy Water (Water)

5. Consecrated Sea Salt (Spirit)

Go  here  for ideas on building your Altar.

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* Products may rotate and/or vary.

(Price is per each item/selection).

If ordering Candles, specify: "Taper" (Set of 10) or "Tealights" (Set of 50) in the Field provided below (if ordering an item other than Candles, please put "OTHER" . . . If the item is not currently available, we will notify you before processing order.

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