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At my Shoppe you will find various items related to our Beliefs & Practice, as well as SEASONAL ITEMS, such as: Holiday (or Sabbat) Cards . . .

I also plan on offering my own Aromatherapy Potions & Scents, as it is one of my favourite aspects of Magyckal Practice.

BTW, because the Dragon's Gift is Ancient Wisdom & She teaches us to tread gently on the Earth & Respect ALL Life ~ and it is my Purpose & Duty to Honour that Gift ~ With every Gift you GET  in my Shoppe,  you also GIVE a GIFT!! . . . At least 10% of ALL PROFITS go to a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, such as: Defenders of Wildlife ~   also a leader in Wolf Protection (Wolves are in constant danger of losing Government Protection and being theatened with Extinction)!! 

NOTE:  Because the Products in all my Collections are Made-to-Order and/or by Original Artists, please allow 6-8 Weeks for Delivery!

Blessed Be ~


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