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Nibiru Arrival Date Confirmed in Crop Circle ~ Add Video


Uploaded by NIBIRUrr on Aug 19, 2008

THIS was a presentation by Mr. Jaime Mussan at the 16th UFO Congress and he decodes a crop circle stating dates in between when something would happen!!

"He says he doesn't know what it means! But we have to remember!" . . . Allow me to decode this for you!!: Well its actually a very close coincidence with the Expected Time of Arrival of NIBIRU!! - 20th of May 2012!!

There would be an Eclipse for 16 Days after the arrival! Eclipse??

Is NIBIRU the reason again!??

Possible! At 1:15 he says 'NEW FIRE' Is he referring to the Nibiru or the destruction caused by NIBIRU? . . . Possible but I dont know! and then another date pops up 6th of June 2012! Is this the time when NIBIRU's affect would reduce??

Probably! and then in the second crop circle which was close to the the first one he translates it as the "Return of Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan (Translated into Mayan) of the Messiah. ---------

PDF file giving historic and present day proof of something that will come to visit us soon:

(copy paste the link in your browser)

Posted by Azhdaya Ravenwolf on January 17, 2012 at 2:23 AM 246 Views

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