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Uploaded by thelovefoundation on Aug 1, 2008

We are at a beautiful moment on this planet where a new world is being birthed based on integrity, dignity, harmony, peace and love . . . The most obvious signs that this is well underway is that everything is changing and nothing seems to make sense.

In this message, Harold W. Becker shares that in fact, in many ways it appears to be the total opposite of an emerging new world . . . We are witnessing lies, deceit, greed, extreme wealth and poverty, sickness, destruction, dis-ease, dis-honor, addictions, abuse, and environmental chaos, along with countless other named and unnamed calamities and certainly little evidence of peace or love.

Yet appearances can be deceiving in themselves and what we see and perceive is only a tiny fragment of the bigger picture . . . For more please go to 

He continues...

Over the past several years, one of the regularly recurring themes we encounter with The Love Foundation is that so many people we connect with are hopeful of a better world and at the same time they are sincerely troubled by the one they appear to be presently experiencing . . . They know in their hearts that life is not meant to be a struggle filled with so much fear and doubt, yet they find it difficult at times to reconcile the seeming chaos and atrocities that are bombarding them from every seeming angle internally and externally.

Shifting from one reality to another always includes a phase where the old gives way to the new and this often takes on the momentary appearance of chaos, strife, the need to let go of the known and a courageous willingness to allow the new to manifest.

Underlying this or any transition is the loving intelligence that guides us between worlds and emanates from our own heart . . . No matter what the appearance, the heart knows the bigger picture and from this grander perspective we can make a profound difference.

The Love Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Established in 2000, TLF has become the internationally recognized leading resource for understanding and applying unconditional love. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and experience of love within individuals and society as a whole, through our education, research and charitable programs. "The Home of Global Love Day each May 1st" Harold W. Becker is Founder and President of TLF and is the author of various books including, Unconditional Love -- An Unlimited Way of Being Created by a kind volunteer as a gracious gift for The Love Foundation.

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