Holidays & Celebrations ~ Holidays & Celebrations ~ Blessed Samhain ~ The Celic New Year & Harvest Celebration . . . A time when the Veil between the Worlds (of the Living & Dead) is the thinnest and, therefore, communication with our Ancestors is most easlity conducted! . . Samhain is also the origin of today's Halloween Tradtions! 54244318 Happy Halloween / Samhain ~ It's OK to celebreate both . . . Our Path & Belief System recognizes that there are many other Paths and none is THE right one or wrong . . . Each is simply a different way of practicing our Beliefs and Honouring the Source! 54244319 A Green Halloween ~ As our very Creed states: "Harm Ye None . . ." this includes our Mother, the Earth and we always take this into consideration, especially in our Celebrations! 54244320 Jack-O-Lanterns ~ The tradition of carving pumpkins goes back to an ancient Celtic traditon of carving Gourds! 54244321