Pagan Places Pagan Places Alderley Edge Alderley Edge in Cheshire has always been a mysterious place with folklore plenty, it is where Maxine Sanders was initiated into the craft by Alex Sanders, who gives his name to that tradition within Wicca. More to read.. 121946019 Alderley Edge 2 121946020 Alderley Edge 3 121946021 Alderley Edge 4 121946022 Alderley Edge 5 121946023 Alderley Edge 6 121946024 Tintagel Tintagel castle in Cornwall is reputed to be the birth place of King Arthur 196271033 Maze carving in St. Necturn's glen the Hermits cottage there, it's from the late stoneage 196271034 St. Necturns Glen waterfall full of orbs! 196271035