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My Magical name is allyssum wildercraft. I am a greenwitch, and I live by the Arthurian Path. I have respect for out Mother the Earth, and believe in all things magical. I specialize in dream interpretation and mediumship. I wish only good to come to all who come into my path. Although I stand by the sword excalibur if there be any enemy. I hope to be friends with all who enter here. Blessed be.

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Azhdaya Ravenwolf
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My apologies for not personally welcoming you before, Lady Wildercraft!


I do welcome you, indeed! . . . Thank you for joining us!


If you have not already, please check out our Grimoire (Forum) - There is a lot of information there (Sabbats,Rituals, History, etc), as well as many beautiful graphics posted by myself and our members . . .


Please always feel free to add to and/or respond to any/all posts . . . Afterall, we are here to "Learn & Share," afterall! :)

Blessings to you )O(



Every Teacher is a Student, every Student a Teacher ~

~ Azhdaya Ravenwolf 


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