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sav c
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 Merry Meet  all my blessed brothers and sisters, my name is Sav and i am from London i love being who i am, so proud to be pagan. i love making my own incense, spells, rituals, bath salts, pagan food recipes, oils, wel you can say pretty much of a hedge witch i have had alot of premonitions too about world events for example the Tsuami/earthquake in Japan 2011.  work well with all types of elemental magick espcailly water as it is my element. i am also a Faerie Priestest and a Dragon priestest. if you want to know more please feel free to ask me bright blessings to you all. God and Goddess bless xxx

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Azhdaya Ravenwolf
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Merry Meet Sav,

It's great to have a Sister Dragon & Potions Mistress here! . . . Looking forward to getting to know you better and to reading your Posts! : )


Every Teacher is a Student, every Student a Teacher ~

~ Azhdaya Ravenwolf 


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Merry Meet! It's always good to meet another priestess. I look forward to getting to know you better. Blessed Be!


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Hi Sav

Nice to meet a fellow Londoner!

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