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by Lauren Gorgo

“We would first like to offer you a sincere welcome and congratulations! We are your friends from home, but closer than ever in thought vibration and we welcome you to the arrival of your destination point, 2012. There are so many profound & delightful changes before you.” -Pleiadian High Council

LOVE takes the LEAD

So we finally made it to the promised land! Of course, we don’t really have a solid idea of what that means yet…mostly because we will have to create it…but the point is that together, we made it to what will prove to be the most pivotal year in human history. For those of you who have been consciously working to LOVE yourselves back together, specifically & intensively since 1999…when the wheels started to come off…you are the new world teachers, guides, way-showers & bridgers. For this group, 2012 promises to be amazing in one extra-ordinary way: LOVE is f-i-n-a-l-l-y in first place and here to support you to the fullest.

The ability & freedom to LEAD with LOVE is the ultimate…the be-all, end-all and what we have worked so tirelessly for. To finally get out of our heads and fully into our hearts is what we all signed up for, sacrificed for, faced every inner-demon for. LOVE was always the goal. Each breath of truth we willingly drew was to fan the divine (God)spark, to ignite the sacred three-fold flame within our heart space so that all our choices/intentions come from LOVE and not fear. This is the freedom we earned, and the light we now inhabit will effectively illuminate every dark corner of the world.

Head to HEART

“We are coming forth on the ray of LOVE, a ray that you will become very familiar with this year, and we would like to extend a loving embrace to all those at the helm of new humanity.” -PHC

Leading with LOVE will change so much about our lives this year that by the end of 2012, our past may be unrecognizable. We are stepping into the universal flow, and many are already experiencing the rapidity by which synchronicity/attraction is now happening…and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The quickening that is resulting from our liberation from linear time means that the “time” lapse between thinking and feeling no longer or barely exists…which also means the time lapse between what we feel and what we attract is instantaneous. This is both liberating and startling, depending on the amount of clearing work we have done, but one thing is certain….this year we will know, without a shadow of a doubt, where LOVE is still needed in our lives.

The main message of the PHC for 2012 is that we can no longer rely on our mental processing alone to sustain us. There is a new (LOVE) dynamic now in place that everyone…whether consciously or not…will have to abide by.

“To those contributing to the collective growth and evolution of the planet, we say this…your time has come. There is a new energetic in place and one that is only supported by love-based intentions. Those at the forefront, those who have been diligent and steadfast in embodying LOVE, are now in position to reclaim stewardship of the planet. No longer will the forces of evil be upheld for the new constitution of earth is LOVE.” -PHC

This is why it is now imperative to Think With Your Heart, because only our hearts contain the intelligence to operate optimally here…with the speed, accuracy & frequency required to function in 5D, in the new earth.

Our mental facilities are now fully governed by the intelligence of the heart which means we will be capable of way less if we try to use our thinking minds alone, without the inspiration of our heart’s desire. Every action, everything we think & do must come from LOVE (& not fear) to be fully supported by the energies here. Thinking with our brains is like shooting blanks now, whereby thinking with our hearts will be like shooting stars.

When we harmonize into the flow of life from what feels right, from what is calling us, from what is or wants to be, then we will be supported by the cosmos to accomplish a myriad of tasks effortlessly, with brilliance, and in a very short period of “time”. Likewise, when we resist the flow and try to impose our own will against the will of the with a “deadline” for example… we will thwart the magic and create unnecessary suffering. This dynamic is why so much around us will come crashing down this year, because the majority of the world is run from the HEAD brain…independently of, devoid of: LOVE, spirit, Oneness.

But for those who truly think with their hearts and allow their feelings to animate the imagination and fuel every choice, miracles can be accomplished. This is what 2012 will prove to us.

Abundance Abounds

“Anyone who embodies love, who proposes love-based solutions for the planet and all those beings upon her, will meet great success…success in terms of fulfillment, of freedom, of joy, of abundance and abounding radiant blessings.” -PHC

This is the year when all the proposed solutions to bringing our planetary systems to the next level will be met with great cosmic support, and all those who have sustained the visions of the future and held the pristine memories of home will be given the divine flow of perpetual grace to physicalize those visions of LOVE. This year we begin to live our purpose (out loud) and finally make manifest the creations we have envisaged for what seems like forever.

“We say this not to suggest that those who are reading this will not have the support of the universe without these visions, just that those structures that need to be implemented will meet the forces of manifestation with great rapidity due to overwhelming collective desire.” -PHC

We are coming together in sacred unions and group resonances that will aid us in fulfilling our higher passions, purpose and potential and together, we will unite as a soul collective to uphold and fortify our visions to create, build and maintain the structures of new earth for phase II of ascension…one that will likely take many years to complete.

We will continue to exist between worlds (3D & 5D) for a while, using the 4th dimension as the bridge between the two, so the Pleiadians suggest a need to be more discerning with our energy & opportunities in order to maintain a sense of equilibrium during a potentially stressful time on the planet, especially for those (4D) bridgers working with more of the masses and those people yet to choose LOVE.

(A special note to healers: The PHC mention that those who do healing work will need to be extra vigilant in maintaining boundaries now…“For those of you with active roles of service in healing, we say this: stand your ground with regard to who you lend your energy to. There will be increasing forces of ill-will trying to penetrate the earth plane and healers will be an easy target due to their giving nature. Discernment and awareness will serve you well.”;)

For the entire article, visit Think With Your Heart

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