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Posted by Aquaman, Chronicles of Atlantis

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The world is driven by powerful geologic, biologic, and spiritual forces. They were set in motion at the beginning of the physical Universe. They have been set in motion to operate on their own, moving in a certain direction. This has produced immense turbulence, even after the creation of this planet. These turbulent forces work throughout the Universe, depending on a world’s particular environment.

Humanity has had to endure violent weather, droughts, floods, pestilence; all manner of things because this is all part of living within a changing environment governed by physical laws & natural laws. Entirely different this is from your ancient home, from which you originated and to which you will return.

To be in an environment like this requires constant adaptation and constant problem solving. It is not easy. And while the world is beautiful and magnificent, it is also hazardous and difficult, placing great demands on all creatures who live here.

The fact that your physical life here is temporary, as you experience being in the world, this places a further burden on you; a psychological burden and a great anxiety about the possibility of future difficulty and even the loss of your life.

Life will be changing. Life will be difficult. For Change brings difficulty but difficulty worth the end result.

Humanity is facing great change; changing climate, violent weather, diminishing resources, environmental degradation, mounting economic and political instability and a greater risk of conflict and war over the remaining resources.

You have come into the world to live in the face of these great changes, and these changes are already occurring in the world today. Perhaps you have not faced them yet. Perhaps you are yet unaware of the magnitude of the changes that are happening. This is now having a great impact, altering the balance of the natural environment, setting in train forces of change in your climate, creating greater disasters; hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts, extreme and violent weather conditions in many parts of the world.

Humanity’s overuse and abuse of the world has changed the natural balance, and this change is not in our favor. And even at this moment, nations and peoples do not seem to comprehend the magnitude of what is happening. People do not want to give up their privileges. Networks of trade and the exploitation of resources are now well established. People do not want to restrain themselves. In certain wealthy nations, limits will be placed, but in other nations, there are no such limits and no such restraints.

This means that humanity will further impact the natural environment, and the natural environment will further impact humanity. In the end, of course, nature will be victorious, but this creates a dilemma, you see, a fundamental dilemma because greater than your national laws, greater than your social customs, greater than your religious beliefs, greater than your individual or national attitudes or perspective is your fundamental relationship with nature, your relationship with your environment.

Humanity as a whole has lost touch with this, has lost the recognition of the power and the importance of your relationship with your environment. You feel that with technology you can overcome the forces of nature, and to a certain degree, you can harness these forces, but you cannot overcome them. Throughout the world, powerful nations have tried but have only found themselves to be at the mercy of the greater powers and forces of nature.

At this moment, humanity, like an adolescent, is giddy with its own power, thinking that it has the ability to transcend the natural world, to create an environment not subject to the forces of nature. But this is not true. And you are experiencing, even at this moment, the powerful response, the powerful reaction of natural law to human abuse and human irresponsibility, and the results are tragic.

Your planet is getting warmer, drier. It is driving change. The world will change to a new kind of balance, but it will not be a balance that will be favorable to humans. And the only way to alter this and to prevent this outcome would be a radical change in human behavior and activity and governance.

Already, forces of change have been unleashed on the world, which will alter, in some cases radically, the circumstances of large parts of the all life on this planet. Even if you were to alter course, even if you were to restrain yourself and your activities, you have already set in motion forces you cannot change.

You may call these forces “acts of God” but it is not true they represent your impact upon the environment.

If you empty the well, the well is dry. If you do not farm correctly, the soil blows away. If you burn too many things into the environment, the weather changes. If you over-exploit the world for resources, the resources disappear. It does not take a genius to figure this out. It takes common sense, but common sense is not common, it seems. And so here you are facing the consequences of humanity’s destructive impact upon the world, and these impacts will continue.

If humanity continues in its present course, it will generate more events of this kind. Large parts of the world will be heavily damaged, and great droughts will fall upon the arid regions, driving people out. Nations will collapse. There will be millions of refugees with nowhere to go.

Humanity will lose its most valuable resources through over-exploitation, through ignorant use, through a heedlessness of the future. Not thinking ahead, humanity is going to take everything now, robbing your children of their future, creating a future of unimaginable difficulties. There is no punishment here, only consequence.

It is your responsibility to learn of the natural world and to use it effectively, in a manner that can be sustained. This has been learned throughout the ages. It is not a new concept. But humanity has forfeited this Knowledge out of greed, out of corruption, out of ambition, and now the world has a great many people in it. The boat is full.

How will you manage such circumstances? How will you face change? How can you bring and restore greater balance in the natural world for your benefit? The answer is beyond your intellect though you may have very good ideas, and there are many solutions that are being proposed that will be very helpful over all if brought together and if utilized fully, but really the answer to these questions has to go deeper than the intellect, deeper into you. It is not a problem for other people to solve for you. It is a problem for everyone. It is not merely a problem for governments, or for science, or for politicians. It is a problem for everyone.

This represents your relationship with nature. If you violate the relationship, you will have a bad relationship. It will be unhealthy. It will be unstable. There will be friction. There will be difficulty. Just like you having a relationship with another person, if you abuse that person, if you do not respect that person, they will behave in a manner and will respond in a manner that will be unpleasant and discordant. There will be difficulties between you. You will not function in harmony together.

It is like this with your relationship with nature. If you show no respect for nature, if you do not respect how it functions and how you must behave within this relationship, then the relationship becomes discordant, producing unwanted results, unpleasant experiences.

If you don’t take care of your home, it ceases to be a desirable place to live. If your house is falling apart, if you cannot or will not keep it up, it becomes an undesirable place to live. The world represents the home of humanity. If it is not supported and sustained and managed properly, as far as you can manage it, it ceases to become a desirable place to live.

You cannot change the laws of nature. You can limit the impact of nature’s difficulties. You can enhance and develop its opportunities and its benefits. You can utilize natural forces to your benefit, as has humanity. That is what humanity has been doing all along, but it is a balance. And humanity has lost the balance.

Humanity has created a style of living that far exceeds the carrying capacity of your environment and which places you out of balance with the natural world, and even places you out of harmony with your own nature. Now you are driven to excess; excessive behavior, excessive busyness, excessive use of the world’s resources, excessive indulgences.

Your relationship with time has changed. Your relationship with nature has changed. And your relationship with one another has changed. Now you are busy trying to sustain a lifestyle that deprives most of the human family, where the very rich are driving the engine of war, robbing nations and peoples of their own sustaining resources, driving headlong as if you did not have a future, as if you did not care, under a whole array of assumptions that somehow your technology and your cleverness and ingenuity will find a way to keep it all going.

You have abandoned your relationship with nature. You have taken on a mistress of technology, forcing a kind of adultery that has set you out of accord with yourself, with one another and with your environment.

What can restore you to your real balance living in the world? And what can give you power, certainty and strength to counteract all of your other tendencies and the other tendencies of people around you?

The knowledge within you. Only it knows the way out of your dilemma, and the more that you take the steps to knowledge and experience your connection to knowledge, the more your activities will fall in line with the harmony of the natural world, and you will be drawn away from behaviors that are harming this relationship and that are creating a future that will be undesirable and in some cases unlivable.

All of the forces that are driving humanity to its own demise are counteracted by the presence and the power of knowledge. What will restrain people from destroying their natural inheritance here? Good ideas? Reform movements? These will not be strong enough to counteract what has been set in motion by human greed and human ignorance. It will have to be a more powerful force.

What can take people out of addiction but a force that is more powerful than the addiction? What can stop humanity’s desecration of the world? What can stop humanity from overspending its natural inheritance? What can stop war? What can stop human cruelty? What can mitigate and eventually stop all of the actions that are endangering your future and that are already setting the natural world against you?

There are many answers, of course, but in the end it will take a more powerful force to alter the momentum of your life, the obligations, the attachments and the associations you make with yourself, with other people and with the whole world, that are sending your life in the direction of disaster. There must be a more powerful force, and where will that come from?

Within you, you have strength and you have weakness. You have wisdom and you have ignorance. That which is strong and wise within you must be predominant if you are to experience the great benefits that this will yield.

The knowledge within you is the source of your integrity and your wisdom and your ability to see the truth and to respond to the truth. It is the source of your courage. It is the source of your strength.

Without knowledge, you will act foolishly and follow the foolish actions of others. You will live for the moment only, forfeiting your future and your preparation for the future. You will live selfishly, unaware or uncaring about the consequences of your actions upon others. You will try to acquire all things for yourself, pleasure, happiness, acquisitions, blind of the consequences. You will forfeit your relationship with nature and even your relationship with your deeper nature in order to have and to fulfill the desires and the addictions and the fantasies of the mind.

The truth here is simple. It is not complex. But a simple truth is difficult to fathom. It is not so simple to understand though it is simple by nature.

Your knowledge is not out of harmony with nature around you. It knows where you need to go, what you need to do, what is healthy for you, what is unhealthy, where to give yourself, where not to give yourself, who to be with, who not to be with, what to follow in others, what not to follow in others. It is a perfect guiding system. But you must yield to it. You must discover it within your own experience. You must build a connection and relationship with it by taking the steps to Knowledge, and you must learn to follow it, beginning in things that are small and then learning how to experience and to follow it in greater and more difficult matters.

Knowledge within you is uncompromising. You cannot make a deal with it. It is not like your personal mind, your worldly mind that can get what it wants through negotiation, through compromise. With knowledge, it does not work like this. When you really know something, you really know it, and you cannot change it. You may try to dismiss it or overlay it with other things. You may even run away from it.

This has really gotten out of hand, you see. And human civilization has gotten out of hand. It is wild, uncontrolled. It is like a train that is heading to the station, but it has no breaks.

The changes that are coming to the world represent nature’s response, the consequences of your violation of nature and your squandering of your natural inheritance. You will have to face these consequences. And they will either defeat you or uplift you, depending upon how you respond, depending upon whether you respond with knowledge or with idealism, compromise and greed. One leads to cooperation and unity. The other leads to conflict and breakdown.

This is not simply a matter for governments or policy. It has to do with how you see the world and how you respond to the world. It has to do with whether you are being guided by knowledge or by all the other things that are the substitutes for knowledge.

Your relationship with nature, then, is not simply one of admiring its beauty and its complexity. It really has to do with how you live in nature, how you work with nature. If your relationship with nature is to be more than a romance, more than romancing nature, being infatuated with its beauty, you have to deal with how you are going live with nature and in nature and to deal with its adversities and to enjoy its splendors in a working relationship. And how are you going to deal with other people and the differences with other people?

It is not an answer that is an idea alone. It is an intelligence. The more humanity becomes strong with knowledge, the more it restrains itself from its destructive behavior and the more it fosters and creates behavior and technology, systems of social justice that are to its benefit.

For eventually humanity will have to outgrow its adolescent emphasis on growth and to focus on stability and security as its primary focus. This is what all the races in the Universe evolve to do. They go through their stages of growth, which usually leads to a kind of overreaching of their resources, sometimes even to destroy civilizations. But eventually they have to determine how they are going to be stable within their environment.

This is a very great thing. This is what the evolution of civilization really means. It is like the stages of life in a person’s life. When you are young, you want to grow and expand. You want to have more things. You want new experiences. You keep growing and expanding, growing and expanding. But if you are to become functional in a mature environment, as a mature individual, you will have to create stability. If you are to have a family, you must have stability and security. It is not so much about having new things all the time or being wild and free. Now you must attend to your basic responsibilities. You seek stability, security. This is natural.

It does not mean that you are not still fascinated in life and enjoying life and open to change. It simply means that you have to attend to your responsibilities of living and sustaining what you have created.

There will have to be much human innovation in the future, but if it is guided by knowledge, it will be beneficial. You will have to alter the circumstances of your life to adapt to a world of declining resources, but knowledge will give you the strength to do this, and you will reap rewards as a result. You may face the future with great fear and anxiety, but knowledge within you is not afraid.

People still think it is all about technology and innovation, but they cannot agree. They argue with each other over which political system is better, which social system is better. The arguments go on and on and permeate all of human culture, the disagreements, the conflicts. People fight with each other over innumerable things; with wars of words, wars of action and, in extreme cases, war itself.

But within you is the great power that is not in conflict with itself. You cannot be at war with another at the level of knowledge. You will recognize your mutual needs and will try to satisfy them or address them together. And even your different opinions about what may or may not work will be counteracted by the presence of knowledge. You will commit yourself to solutions even if those solutions prove to be difficult to recognize and to achieve because you will be guided by knowledge. You will restrain your behavior. Nations will restrain their behavior, if guided by knowledge, if guided by people who are strong with knowledge.

You must come to knowledge within yourself. That is where you must begin. You begin with what is essential and fundamental. You learn to be still so you can experience knowledge and feel its presence and hear its guidance, so you can feel its restraint and its motivations. You step out of the world of over-stimulation into a deeper, more quiet world within yourself. And you will find that there is a greater strength within you waiting to be discovered.


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