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During the last week of 2011, you could see a very brighly pulsing light in the sky just under the crescent moon (as if it were a pendulum hanging from the moon) . .. The first night it was visible, the "pendulum" seemed to be hanging to the "left" of the moon. The second night, it seemed to be hanging to the "right" before if was no longer visible.

What was it? . . . It was Venus flaring up!

Scientifically speaking, it was a gigantic solar flare engulfing the planet . . . Apparently, it is not too uncommon. These type of "cosmic storms" happen from time to time. In fact, according to some scientists it could quite possibly happen to earth, as well, although most scientists consider it almost impossible.

However, there is a prophecy that says the earth will be engulfed in flames 10 years from now.

Anyway, it was quite a show . . . And it does go along with the 2012 Return to the Feminine (Venus is, afterall female) . . . The Goddess Awakens! )O( :)

Watch Video:

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