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How To Open Your Psychic Being

Posted by Lady Abigail, Ravensgrove Coven


Enter a meditative state by relaxing every part of your body. When you are totally relaxed, imagine a halo of golden light resting just above your head, filling your crown with brightness and energy. Move it to include your forehead or third eye, then move it again to your throat. Continue moving the light through your body, keeping it bright where it has already entered.

Then see the Goddess of psychic awakening, at your feet where the light has gone. Welcome her. Acept the abilities she brings you. Invite her into your body to awaken your sleeping self. See the Python enter, rising colors and energy as she passes.


The Python separates into two snakes to enter both legs, coming together again as one again at the root center. At the root she brings with her a knowing of past lives. The Python reaches your belly center below your navel and you feel sexuality rise. The center turns a glowing orange, and you feel yourself astral projecting to your lover. The Python reaches the center at your waist, and every dream glows into valid information. The color is golden yellow. The Python rises to your heart, changing the colors to green or rose. You feel your heart opening to healing and self-healing. You feel a great joy.


The Python rises to the throat. Communication opens without words. The color of this opening is light blue. The Python reaches your third eye and you open to psychic sight. You see the past and the future, and know where and how to go. You re-claim your power as the center turns a deep indigo. The Python reaches the crown, your connection with Goddess. The color is deep violet and you open to medium ship and protection. The Python rises, and leaves your body for a place above it. You understand death and rebirth. The color is pure light, and is Goddess.


With the Python's colors, abilities and knowing opened within you, you become what you see. Golden light flows through you, entering through your crown and moving downward. As it touches each color, each center, the color fades and becomes clear. When all of the colors are clear, you feel calm, energized and good. Allow the flow of light to stop, the light to fade, and return to now.



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