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Spyrit Dancer
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I have always felt "different" and felt more comfortable being alone in a field or forest then with a group of people.  I found I could feel energy as a teen, and would heal people's headaches. Having been raised with a traditional Christian upbringing, I never questioned that the gifts were from God. 

When I went to college, I took an anthropology course, and learned about the Yanomamo indians, who were found in 1929.  And I though, "the God of my understanding wouldn't damn generations of an entire race of people simply because they had not heard about the bible/Jesus/etc."  They also had a heirachy of "Gods" with a higher god and lower gods. 

This prompted a quest, and it was from a fiction book that I first heard the term Wicca.  It rang a cord, so I started studying and got a copy of the then new Sprial Dance by Starhawk.  And I had found my path.

I studied under a Lakota Shaman for awhile, and on a vision quest, was given my name Spyrit Dancer.  I was so excited, I ran to the roof of my building, threw back my head and called lightening which rolled across the sky so close, it knocked me to the roof of the building from the force of it. I have since not called lightening from the roof.

My teacher asked me if I knew what a spirit dancer was?  When I said no, he sighed.  "A spirit dancer is one who walks he line between the worlds of the living and the dead, and helps those on both sides.  It can be a difficult path".  He has been right, but it has brought many blessings too.  I have watched the spirit leave two different people, one my mother, when they died near me.  I've had dreams after people have passed on with messages to give others around me.

Since then, I read and practice my craft as a solitary.  I am a blend of Native American beliefs from my teacher, some Huna (I lived in Hawaii 18 years) and some Celtic.  I see Goddess and God as Mother Earth and Father Sky.  I try very hard to tune into "the force" that flows from them through all in my day to day life and magickal workings.

I work out of my home building/maintaining websites and crafting items for my shops on Etsy and the web.  And I share my path with a wonderful man.


My Etsy Store: Wiccan Magick Shack

Walk in Balance on Mother Earth.  Blessed Be.

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Azhdaya Ravenwolf
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Merry Meet & Welcome, Spyrit Dancer!!! : )


Wow, I love your Story!!!. . . Esp. the Lightening part!  ; )


A lot of your Story parallels my own ~ I too was raised a strick "Christian" and always  felt different and much more comfotable either being alone or with other Animals or in Nature, and I also felt a ring of Truth when I found a book on Wicca (in my case, it was "To Ride A Silver Broomstick", by Silver Ravenwolf), I have studied "The Craft" for over 20 years (but just recently begun actually Practicing), I was "given" a Name by a Native American Teacher, but I do not use that one here as I was told it was actually the Translation of my Given Birth Name and I felt as if I needed to take my own Journey or Quest to find my True Name, and so that is what I did! : )


Anyway, it is awesome to meet you and have you here with us! . . . I'm looking forward to reading your Posts!


BTW, please feel free to Invite Friends, if you'd like! :)



Blessings,  Azhdaya ~


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Azhdaya Ravenwolf
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BTW Spyrit Dancer, since you have a Healing Gift, you might be interested in checking out my Husband's Site, as well: 



. . . He's also a Natural Healer!  :)

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