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(A traditional-Welsh-style poem...7 syllables...specifically for Bridgid...19 stanzas)

by Jillbe Badb

Druids, oh dru, wake and see

Evoking me is the key

Sidhe and Fili tell of me

Divination, prophesy

White staff of birch and willow

Through all vines my blood does flow

White skinned red-eared faery cow

Pale snake slithering below

Fish within the healing wells

Ravens’ nests and cockerels

Winter lambs and baby calves

Splitting Winter in two halves

Marriage to Bres, ending war

Birthing Ruadan, Luchar and Uar,

My sons wed sacred daughters

Blessing isles’ lands and waters

Giving you thoughts and healing

Poems, midwives, smithcrafting

Bride, Bridey, Brighid, Brigit,

Magick where three rivers split

Brigantia, Briggidda

Of love, mothering and awe

Brid, Brigh, Bhrishde, Breeshey, Ffraid

Crone, Mother, innocent Maid

Breo-saighead fiery arrow,

Bringing justice and sorrow

For nineteen days speak to me

Of rock, wind, water and tree

For nineteen nights stoke the fire

Dreams from flame, ever higher

For nineteen moons, scry the well

See me within, ever still

For nineteen suns, birth to man

I weave the cycle again

Cloak hanging upon Sun’s rays

With you ‘til the end of days

Oh my children, come to me

In the Summerlands to be




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