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I call the Brilliant one, creator of the smith's fire, the healer's fire, and the hearth fire.

I call the Primordial Mother, maker of the well of vision, the well of inspiration, and the well of healing.

I call the Three-Faced Wise One, the midwife and baker, brewer and weaver, singer and giver of all great gifts.

I call upon Brigid of the blessings and graces.

I call on Brigid in all Her names, giver of inspiration - Fire in the Head that enflames with the gift of Awen, creativity which flows from You to me, your eternal child.

Brigid, beloved, I am your servant

I tend your flame in adoration

Oh nineteen fires of service, and flame of peace

Brigid, beloved, I am your storyteller

Fan my flames of creativity

Through prose and poetry the world may heal

Brigid, beloved, I am your follower

May your own flame always ignite mine

As I try to serve the world through your eyes

Thank you, Brigid - Mother of All Druids - for your presence for this ritual.

Thank you, Deities, Sidhe, Ancestors and Nature Spirits for your presence for this ritual.

Go if you must, stay if you will. You are released.




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