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by Hedgewytch

She is known as Brigid Bright,

Goddess who shines against the night.

At Cille Dara, at the setting sun,

Her sacred flame is kept by one.

Nineteen times the earth turns round,

As sacred springs come forth the ground.

Twenty times the sun has burned,

And now the Goddess has returned.

Alone she tends her thrice-bright flame,

Born of her heart that bears her name.

The Dagda knows Brigid as Daughter,

Triple Blessed by fire and water.

Poets call her name to inspire.

And healers oft gain from her fire.

Wayland too would know her well

As hammer and anvil ring like a bell.

A sorrowful cry did she give meaning,

When first she brought to Eire keening.

Oh Sacred Fire against darkest night,

Burn for Brigid, for Brigid Bright!

Fire in the quicken us.

Fire in the heal us.

Fire in the forge of the temper us.

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