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I recently was asked for help on choosing a Magyckal Name and, as part of the process, I included a Meditation in the answer . . . So, I thought I would share it here, as well, for anyone who might want some help with coming up with their own ~

I usually begin my nighly Meditations by Creating a Protective Circle, so that no unwanted Spirits or Energies can come in . . . I envision a bright Silver Light coming down and en-circling me in a spiral formation and then going all the way deep down into the Earth, so that there is one continuous, unbroken Cone-like Strand of Silver Ligth totally en-circling me w/ me in the center of the Cone . . .

Then, once the Protective Circle is in place & complete, I address the Deity / Spirit / Energy that I most connect with & Worship, as well as Calling on the Four Corners, by saying:

"Oh, Goddess Danu (you can insert / call on whichever Being / Spirit / Energy you want ~ Danu happens to be the Goddess that my Ancestors in the area of my Native Homeland Worshipped & after whom the River Danube is named), I am Greatful for the Winds & the Sky, so crisp and full of Life; I am Greatful for Seas & the River & Lakes, so Healing & Nurturing; I am Greatful for Rocks & the Tress, so Strong & Wise, and I am Greatful for the Ancient Fire, that gave Birth to It All! " . . .

I then proceed to Give Thanks for any/all things / people / events / etc. that I have been Blessed with encountereing that day . . . For instance, I may say something like: "I am also Greatful for: the Raven who called to me this morning! " Or, "I am Greatful for the Customer who gave me a hard time and taught me now to judge anyone or anything by first impressions!" . . .

Then, at this point, I might insert or add any Questions, Requests, Blessings for Myslef or Others, etc. . . .


I usually end my Meditations with saying: "I am Greatful for: my Husband, my Cats, Family & Friends . . .

Blessed Be"

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