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I've found the best way to choose a  Magyckal Name  is to just take some time and Meditate on it ~ both, by actually "Meditating" and asking your Spirit Guides to come to you and help you and /or just really thinking about what Animals or other Beings (Trees, Rocks, Water Bodies, etc.) you tend to see a lot or come across, either in your Dreams and / or Waking Life! . . . Thirdly, what Beings do you have a strong affinity or love for and/or connection with?

For instance, Ravens have always seemed to "follow" me (i.e. no matter where I go or move to, there seem to be Ravens there!). And I've always had a strong interest & affinity for them! . . . I've also always had a strong love, interest & affinity for Wolves (and Dogs, who are related, of course, have always seemed drawn to me & I seem to have a natural repore with them ~ also, a little know fact, I tend to growl when I get really angry and howl when I need to release a srong emothion or things get too intense for me!) . . . My last, or First, name (Azhdaya) I think is more of a Spiritual / Cosmic connection for me ~ the Dragon (Azhdaya in my Native Language) has not only always been a strong source of interest for me my whole life, but I've always felt a strong connection to the Dragon and I believe that the Dragon's Medicine or Gift (Teaching a Respect for ALL Life) is my Purpose in Life & probably the reason I've had a strong interest in & affinity for the Drago my who Life (I'm meant to Teach & Advocate on Other Animals & Beings ~ incl. "Mythical" ones' behalf)!

So, that's how I got my full name . . . Your's may be just one name, two, three, or even more! . . . Give it some time, think about it & remain open & aware everyday (and night) to who/what comes to you, and continue to Meditate on it everyday/night, asking them to come to you ~ either in your Dreams and/or Waking Life . . . and then just be a little patient and it will come to you!

Best of luck!  : )

P.S. I'll post my nightly Meditation in the Blog and you can use it and ammend / taylor for yourself, if you don't already have a ritual for beginning your Meditiations (i.e. Creating your Protective Circle, etc.) prior to Calling on your Guides & Asking them to assist you! : )


Blessed Be ~



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