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Crystal Helper: Backyard Stones

By the Staff.

The beauty and variety of the crystal world has fascinated

humanity since the beginning of time. Find the crystal that holds

a secret for us today. Which one knows our answer?

English author Sue Phillips, author of Healing Stones, believes that healing stones can be found just there, where you are. Expensive crystals aren’t necessary for healing, she believes, nor does she recommend them because most are mined from the earth and it takes millions upon millions of years to renew them. Instead, Phillips urges us to look for stones nearby that have already been released from the earth, and don’t even need to be dug up or the earth disturbed in any way.


What stones are outside of your front door? Where are you drawn? Take a walk and open your heart to whatever stone draws your attention as you walk by. Some very powerful stones can be found this way – easily dismissed by most as “just a rock,” almost as if they are weeds in a garden. One place to check is under an uprooted tree, where the roots used to be. Another is on any path that is well worn by you – you may find the perfect stone that you have passed by dozens of times.



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