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Adapted from The Chakras in Shamanic Practice,

by Susan J. Wright (Inner Traditions, 2007).

For millennia, eight colors have been thought to correspond to energy centers in the body. Wearing or surrounding yourself with these colors leads to balance and inner healing . . . For example, if you want to open your heart, there is a color that corresponds to the heart that will help. If you need to speak your truth to someone, you can wear a throat-chakra-colored scarf for encouragement. Find out about the chakra colors and what they do. . . .

Red - First chakra, base of the spine. Groundedness, trust, belonging, lessens feelings of mistrust.

Orange - Second chakra, belly just below the navel. Sensuality, emotion, creativity, lessens feelings of inferiority.

Yellow - Third chakra, solar plexus. Will, identity, commitment, lessens feelings of confusion.

Green - Fourth chakra, heart. Compassion, forgiveness, intimacy, lessens feelings of isolation.

Blue - Fifth chakra, throat. Expression, communication, power to manifest, generativity, lessens feelings of stagnation.

Indigo - Sixth chakra, third eye, between the eyes. Clear sight, intuition, integrity, lessens feelings of despair.

Violet - Seventh chakra, crown, top of the head. Spiritual connection, mastery, lessens feelings of distraction.

White - Eighth chakra, just above the head. Radiance, expansion, lessens feelings of limiting attachment.


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