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Azhdaya Ravenwolf
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Personally, I like the idea of having a special day to remind us all of the importance of counting our Blessngs & Giving Thanks! . . . I mean, it should be an everyday thing ~ just as we should be kind to others and have the Spirit of Giving all year lond, and not just  as Christians do at  Christmas time/ . . .

That's actually how I word my Evening Prayers or Meditation ~ i begin by saying I am grateful to the Goddess for:  The Wind & Sky for their Refreshing Inspiration,  The Rocks & the Trees for their Strength & Support,  The Rivers & Lakes for their Soothing Comfort,  and The Ancient Fire for giving Birth to it ALL! . . . i go on to reviewing all the things & people, animals, nature, etc. that I encountered that day and am grateful for! . . .So, I don't know ~ PAGAN or NOT, I like the idea of Celebrating a Day of Giving Thanks!

Blessings, Azhdaya ~

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