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Whatever the Holiday or Celebration / Party, you can always make your party a zero-waste fete . . .  Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell, authors of Celebrate Green offer these guidelines for making any party waste-free. . . .

1. Decorate the tree together with edible/compostable ornaments (like hardened gingerbread cookies) and popcorn or cranberry garlands.

2. Use edible and compostable decor for the home and table.

3. Use cloth napkins and tablecloth instead of paper products.

4. Use only reusable glass and tableware, or compostable products made from corn, potato or other.

5. Compost all food scraps and send leftovers home with guests in pre-saved, re-purposed glass jars.

6. Serve organic or biodynamic wine with real cork stoppers. Recycle the glass bottle and compost the stopper.

7. Give consumables, experiences, carbon offsets or donations to a cause as parting gifts.

8. Use e-invitations or plantable invitations (imbedded with seeds).

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