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~ Samhain ~

( Pronounced: "Sawen" )

Samhain is the origin of today's "Halloween" which, in turn, got it's name from the Christian borrowing of the Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain (which is actually the CELEBRATION of the CELTIC NEW YEAR!) . . .

When Christians took the Holiday, they changed the name to: "All Hallows Eve" and had it coincide around the time of their Celebration of "All Souls" again taken from a Pagan Celebration . . .

Samhain celebrates, not only the Celtic New Year, but in all Pagan Traditions it is the Night that the VEIL BETWEEN THE WORLDS ( Life & Death ) is the THINNEST and, therefore, it is the time we can most easily MAKE CONTACT with the SOULS on the OTHER SIDE. . .

The way Samhain is typically Celebrated is by having a great big Feast and setting a Place for each of our Loved Ones who have Passed On that Year, as well as for our Ancestors, whom we Honour on this Hallowed Night!

. . . Personally, I also set up an Altar with all the Four Elements (Air, Earth, Water & Fire) represented: I use Incense for AIR; a Flower or Petals sprinkled on the Cloth laid down or a Twig from the Grave of a Loved One I've visited that Night for EARTH; I set up a Bowl of Cosecrated Water ( I put the Water Bowl out in the last Full Moon that Month overnight ~ a Traditional Pagan way of making "Holy Water" ) on the Center of the Cloth laid down for WATER; and finally, I place a Tea Candle in the Water Bowl for Each ot the Loved Ones who Passed that Year + One to represent my Ancestors . . . Then, after I've visited the Graves of my Loved Ones ( BTW, any Cremated Loved Ones I place on or around the Altar, as well), I come back home and Light the Candles on the Altar, say a Blessing/Prayer ( Beginning & Ending with: "As it is Above, So it is Below" ~ In between, I say something like" "On this Blessed Night I honour my Ancestors who have Passed On before me, I thank you for your Love & Guidance this Year & ask that you continue to Guide me into the Next Year. I Honour those who have Passed On this Year (I say each of their Names in turn), may you be Re-United with our Beloved Ancestors and find Peach & Joy. Know that you are Forever Loved, we honour You tonght, as well. ) . . . Then the Family sits down at the Table with the extra Places set up for the Loved Ones & Ancestors and Share the Blessed Samhain Feast, perhaps enjoying a conversation remembering our Loved Ones!

. . . I you have a favourite or special way of Celebrating, please feel free to Share it, either here or in the Blog/Forums! . . . Thank you!

Blessed Be ~


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