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Azhdaya Ravenwolf
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"Dream Therapy" (or interpretation) has been one of my favourite ways to make use of my Spirit Guide(s)'s Gifts to help me in life . . . Whether it is to resolve an issue, ask a question, figure out what I'm supposed to be doing at a certain point in my life, etc..

I've always had a bit of trouble recalling or remembering my dreams, which is essential in being able to actually encorporate what I learn in my dreams into my waking life.

I've found this Mantra (if you'd like) to be of some help . . . 

When I get into bed at night, I lay on my back with my legs outstrechted in front of me and my arms at my side, with my palms facing up (I use this "upward palm" techique in most of my meditations, as well - I can actually feel energy transferring to & from the center of my palms upward & outward to the Cosmos . . . I lay still for a moment, breathing slowly in and out - Then, when I feel centered, I call upon my Guide(s) by opening with:

Dream Guide, please walk with me in my travels.

I continue (in my head, as to not disturb my parnter - If you prefer, you can say it out lout):

Guide me where I need to go,
Show me what I need to know.

Help me recall upon return,
That I may apply what I have learned.

I keep repeating these four lines until I feel myself slipping into sleep . . .  When I wake up, I try to add / close with:

Thank you, for guiding me during my dream journey.

I also find it very usefull to write down what I dreamed as soon after I wake up as possible, to help myself be able to recall what I dream / learned . . . And it's also a usefull tool to refer back to when & if I should need to.

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Azhdaya Ravenwolf
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Posts: 354

As always, please feel free to SHARE your own Dream Mantra or Meditation and/or experiences . . . :)


Every Teacher is a Student, every Student a Teacher ~

~ Azhdaya Ravenwolf 


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