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This is our Forum or "Grimore" where you can Introduce Yourself and tell us a bit about you and/or your experience or interest in "The Craft" and it is also where we do the majority of our "Learning & Sharing" . . . It is where you will find a variety of information (just as in a real "Grimore") regarding anything from our Pagan Sabbats, Deities, Spells, etc. . . .

And, as alluded to above, it is also where you can Participate and contribute to our Mission to "Learn & Share our Wisdom" (as you Pledged to do when you Joined the Site as a Member . . . Furthermore, it is how you become eligible for consideration in the annual WOWY Awards!

You may recall, when you Registered to Join the Site, that there were a couple of questions you had to answer prior to becoming an official Member - i.e. if you are here to "Learn & Share" and a Pledge to Participate in the Forums/Grimoire (you are there now) at least 4 times per year . . . This includes responding or adding to any of the Threads below and/or starting a New Post or Topic in any of the existing Threads.

If you are still not sure how this site works or how to Contibute or Participate (or how to be eligible for the WOWY Awards), please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

Blessings, Azhdaya ~

~ Every Teacher is a Student, Every Student a Teacher ~

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