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Wed. 4/1 All day First quarter
Fri. 4/3 All day WOWY Awards ~ [IMAGE] [IMAGE] I am sorry to report that the 2014 WOWY Awards have been CANCELLED! : ( (Click on Image above for Info) [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE][IMAGE] [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]... more
Wed. 4/8 All day Full moon
Tue. 4/14 All day Last quarter
Wed. 4/15
Tue. 5/12
All day Celtic Tree Month (Willow) ~ ~ Willow Moon ~ [IMAGE] The Willow is known for its healing and protective properties. Image © Photodisc/Getty Images; Licensed to The Willow moon was known to the Celts as Saille, pronounced Sahl-yeh. The Willow gro... more
Thu. 4/23 All day New moon
Thu. 4/30 All day First quarter
Thu. 5/7 All day Full moon
Wed. 5/13
Tue. 6/9
All day Celtic Tree Month (Hawthorn) ~ ~ Hawthorn Moon ~ [IMAGE] The thorns of the Hawthorn are symbols of spring fertility. Image © Patti Wigington 2009/Licensed to The Hawthorn is a prickly sort of plant with beautiful blossoms. Called Huath by the anc... more
Thu. 5/14 All day Last quarter
Fri. 5/22 All day New moon
Sat. 5/30 All day First quarter
Fri. 6/5 All day Full moon
Wed. 6/10
Tue. 7/7
All day Celtic Tree Month (Oak) ~ ~ Oak Moon ~ [IMAGE] The Oak is a symbol of power and strength. Image © Patti Wigington 2009. The Oak moon falls during a time when the trees are beginning to reach their full blooming stages. The mighty Oak is strong, powerful... more
Sat. 6/13 All day Last quarter
Sun. 6/21 All day New moon
Sun. 6/21
Mon. 6/22
All day BLESSED LITHA (Midsummer) ~


Click on Images for Sabbat Info & Rituals / Recipes.

Sun. 6/28 All day First quarter
Sun. 7/5 All day Full moon
Wed. 7/8
Tue. 8/4
All day Celtic Tree Month (Holly) ~ ~ Holly Moon ~ [IMAGE] The Holly Moon is a good month to do protective magic. Image © Getty Images/Licensed to Although the Oak ruled in the previous month, its counterpart, the Holly, takes over in July. This evergr... more
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