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Posted by Azhdaya Ravenwolf on August 11, 2010 at 6:27 AM


Last night I dreamed I was walking through a lovely little village ~ or perhaps a Festival of some sort ~ in a beautiful, flowing long floral dress of bright yellows, greens and reds . . . I was in a very joyful mood and I began sort of skipping and then went into a light run, my dress flowing softly behind me . . . As I ran through the street, the village (or Festibal) faded behind me and ahead of me I saw a beautiful deep valley dropping . . . I suddenly had the thought to try to Fly again ~ As I got to edge of the cliff, I gently pushed off with my feet and found myself floating over the valley and then on the other side, as I got back level with the ground, I was still Flyiing but low enough to where the people who watched me Fly over them could have reached up and touched me . . . I don't remember the landing, but suddenly I was at a huge mansion (or Castle, even) ~ I don't remember what I was doing there or exactly how I got in, but once I was inside and searching through the mansion, I came upon a hallway with several doors ~ as I approached each door, I saw that in each room there were a bunch of birds (all or mostly black ~ possibly in the Crow Family?) . . . At first I though they might be dead, but then I noticed some of them move . . . There was another door at the far end of the hall and I opened it to let the birds free and, as I did, they all Flew out . .. I don't remember what happened after that . . .

The reason this dream is so significant is that I have not had a  "Flying Dream"  (which used to be my favourite)  for over 10 years!!! . . . In 2000 I went through a very traumatic situation which essentially killed me in virtually every sense, except physical (although I have been dealing with various debilitating physical ailments since then, as well) . . . Anyway, prior to that I had noticed that my  "Flying Dreams"  had become increasingly strained and I had been finding it more and more difficult to either take off or stay afloat . . . After "The Incident" the  "Flying Dreams"  stopped altogether ~ in fact, I think for a while I seemed to stop dreaming altogether ~ or I didn't remember any of them . . . Then a couple of years ago I began having a series of  "Zombie Dreams" which progressed over a period of a few months and then ceased, as well . . . I had begun to think that I would never have the  "Flying Dreams"  again I had been really missing them . . . I think I eventually had given up on them, altogether . . . But then, last night, there I was ~ soaring over the valley!!!

Since 2000 I've felt as if I've been in a sort of limbo state or purgatory or something . . . I don't know if that means I may be at the verge of "coming back to life"!? . . . I guess we'll see if I have anymore!!!??  : )

To be continued!? . . .

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