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As I mentioned on the Home Page,  my name is Azhdaya Ravenwolf  . . . I am Apprenticing as a Priestess.

To tell you a bit about myself and just how I got here and came to be an "Apprenticing Priestess,"  I would  probably have to go back to my childhood, being raised as a Catholic Christian . . .  

My Mother forced me to go to Church every Sunday and,  as I sat there listening to the  Priest,  the  Message  I kept hearing over & over every week was that:  Females were made from Men &  for  Men and were  far inferior to  Males  and,  therefore,  unworthy & forbidden  "by God"  to  serve  as  "Priestesses"  in the  Christian Church!

. . . Well,  as as girl  (being  Female   as I was),  that didn't sit with me very well ~ not to mention that it just   never rang  True  ("True"  is  capitalized here on  purpose,  as it refers to the  Real Truth ~ the real  "Gods Truth") . . . There was just something not right there and,  even as a young child,  I  absolutely  knew it!!!

As I got into my Teens and really started to discover who I was, as much a I loved my Mother (and still do and always will), it just became more & more difficult each week to continue going to Church and sit there and subject myself to that kind of repeated, continuous abuse & violation of my  True Self & Being! . . . So, I finally stopped going ~ much to my Mother's heartbreak, according to her (although, she has since, finally, begun to see the vast disparity between what her Church & Religion is suppsed to stand for and what it is actually saying & doing and has herself stopped going)!

Anyway, as I continued into my Teens and my Self-discovery & development,  I came upon a  Book  at a  Bookstore  I was in with my  Brother one day ~ It was called:  "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" . . . Until then,  any books I came acroos on or about   "Witchcraft"  always seemed to be dark  (black and/or red)  with  ominous-looking  Pentagrams or pictures of  Goat Heads  on them.  And reading through them,  it was obvious that the author was a  "Satanist"  and the  content didn't make any more sense to me,  or ring  True,  than the sermons I remembered at Church every Sunday!  And these type of Books were always in a section called:  The Occult,  which in itself seemed to have an ominous quality!

. . . I had been desperately searching for  something  that  did   ring  True  to me & would help bring  real  Meaning  & Purpose to my  Life ~ Not realizing it at the time,  I was in actuality searching for the  Truth  (the  True  Truth) ~ as,  I suppose,  we  ALL  are! . . . And suddenly here was this,  not dark and scary-looking book on Wytchcraft,  but a lovely Purple-colored cover with a Beautiful Woman on a Broom ~ and the section it was in was called:  "New Age"  (which definitely did not sould as ominous as  "The Occult"! . . . As I opened it and started reading,  I actually got  chills  as I suddenly got this overwhelming feeling of excitement & elation ~ In the deepest part of my  Self  and my  Soul/Being  I felt with  ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY  that I was in the  presence of   TRUTH!!!

. . . I still know this without a shred of doubt because I begin to Cry as I speak of it ~ as I am doing right now . . . I've always found this to be the case whenever I hear something that is  from the  True Source  (God,  Goddess,  The Universe,  The Force . . . whatever you want to call it)!

So,  that pretty much brings us to where I am today ~ and  how  I got here! . . . I've been studying  "The Craft"  in all its various forms & Traditions ever since ~ let's see,  oh over 20 years off & on ~ But, I never really gave it the real Time & Dedication it deserved & required in order to become a full-fledged  "Priestess" . . . Until now!  They say:  When the  Student is ready the Teacher will come ~ In my case,  I finally realized that sometimes the   "Teacher"  does  not  necessarily come in the form of another person,  but  perhaps  it is more of a case of knowing when the  Time  was  right ~ and the  "Teacher"   is  myself! . . . Hence this  Web-Site ~ I've always had a bit of a problem with keeping myself on-track & disciplined enough to follow-through with things . . . So, I thought perhaps,  if I created a place where I can sort of keep all my  "Lessons"  &  Information/Resources I've collected and am working on ~ and if I make it a place where I can work with others who are doing the same thing,  maybe I'll be more successful at stayng on track and finally be worthy of the status of  "Priestess"!

As a first step  and ,  as is the Tradition in  Earth & Natural Magick,  I have taken my "Magyckal Name"  from  a combination of the various  Totem or Spirit Animals who Guide me . . . Azhdaya is a Serbo-Croatian word for  Dragon  (Honouring my Homeland & Heritage).  The Dragon's Medicine  (or Gift)  is  Cosmic Wisdom   (She teaches us to tread gently on the Earth and to Respect ALL Life);  The  Wolf's Gift  is  Protection & Loyalty;  and the  Raven's is   Cleverness & Cunning . . . Each has something to teach me and I am very greatful & honoured to embrace their Gifts & to  Share them!



You have entered the Laire of the Dragon ~If you are interested in  Native, Natural & Earth  Magick  &  Religions  (aka:  Wicca, Witchcraft,  Wytchcraft,  The Craft,  Etc. ~ and including all the various  Native Traditions,  such as  Celtic,  Native American,  Aboriginal,  Etc.),  come into my Laire and we will  Learn & Share!

Blessed Be ~