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Merry Meet ~

And Welcome!!! . . .  You have entered the Laire of the Dragon . . . I have created this space where I can share what I'm working on and perhaps we can learn together! . . .

My name is Azhdaya Ravenwolf . . .              I am an "Apprenticing  Priestess" ~

My name is a combination of the various  Totem or Spirit Animals who Guide me . . . Azhdaya  is  Serbo-Croatian  for  Dragon (Honouring  my  Ancestry & Heritage) . . .


The  Dragon's Medicine  (or Gift)  is  Cosmic and/or  Ancient Wisdom  ~ as is, ironically, the  Rhino's & Unicorn's! . . . She Teaches us to tread gently on the Earth and Respect ALL Life) . . . The Dragon is also the ultimate Warrior & Protector! . . . She will attack to defend her Loved Ones without the slightest hesitation or any fore-thought! . . . The Dragon is truly an awesome Being to have on your side ~ and it is a great Honour to have Her as a Totem & Teacher!


The Wolf's Gift is:  Family, Protection & Loyalty . . . He is the ultimate "Family Man" ~ The Wolf is fiercly Loyal and, like the Dragon, will attack to defend his Loved Ones with instinctual passion! . . . Far from the "savage beast" image the Wolf has been falsly given by Man, he is a shy & gentle Soul and a truly Noble Being (it is a rare & fortunate Soul that the Wolf chooses to accept as Family)! . . . I am greatful for his Comapny & Proptection  and  deeply honoured to  Accept & Share  his  Gift! . . .


Clever & Cunning Raven  is a Shape-shifter & Messenger between the Worlds: Life & Death . . . Like their cousins the Crows who flock in a large group, Ravens have strong Family Bonds, albight in more of a tighter-knit "Nuclear Family" of Parents & Off-spring . . . Although like the Wolf, they have gotten a bit of a bad rap for being associated with Death, the playful Raven is extremely Intelligent & Teaches us to appreciate Life & not waste anything, not a single moment!


Each  Totem Animal / Guide  has  something to Teach me and I am  very honoured,  indeed,   to  accept & embrace  their  Gifts & Share them! . . .

If you are interested in:  Native,  Natural  &  Earth  Magick  &  Religions  (aka:  Wicca, Witchcraft,  Wytchcraft,  "The Craft,"  Etc. ~ including all the various  Native Traditions,  such as  Celtic,  Native American,  Aboriginal,  Etc.),  come into my Laire and we will  Learn & Share  together!  : )



Blessed Be ~                                          



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