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Sat. 8/5
Fri. 9/1
All day Celtic Tree Month (Hazel) ~ ~ Hazel Moon ~ [IMAGE] Hazelnuts are typically ripe around September 14 (Nutting Day in the British Isles). Image © Getty Images 2006. The Hazel Moon was known to the Celts as Coll, which translates to "the life force inside yo... more
Tue. 8/29 All day First quarter
Sat. 9/2 All day Celtic Tree Month of Vine ~


Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins . . .

Sat. 9/2
Fri. 9/29
All day Celtic Tree Month (Vine) ~ ~ Vine Moon ~ [IMAGE] The grapevine is often associated with the Vine Moon in the fall. Image © Patti Wigington 2009/Licensed to The Vine month is a time of great harvest -- from the grapes of the Mediterranean to th... more
Wed. 9/6 All day Full moon
Wed. 9/13 All day Last quarter
Tue. 9/19
Fri. 9/22
All day Mabon / Foghamar ~ [IMAGE] ~ Fall Equinox: Last Day of Summer ~ CLICK the LINK for SABBAT INFO (Rituals & Associations): [IMAGE] Celebration of the Vine Harv... more
Wed. 9/20 All day New moon
Sat. 9/23 All day Harvest Moon ~ A Harvest Moon occurs at a specific time of the year . . . [IMAGE] The moon officially turns full when it reaches the spot opposite to the . . . Harvest Moon: The harvest moon is the moon at or about the period of fullness that is ne... more
Thu. 9/28 All day First quarter
Sat. 9/30
Fri. 10/27
All day Celtic Tree Month (Ivy) ~ ~ Ivy Moon ~ [IMAGE] Ivy typically survives long after its host plant has died -- a reminder that life endures. Image © John Foxx/Getty Images. As the year comes to a close and Samhain approaches, the Ivy moon rolls in at the e... more
Thu. 10/5 All day Full moon
Thu. 10/12 All day Last quarter
Mon. 10/16
Sun. 10/22
All day Wolf Awareness Week ~ The Wolf's Gift (Medicine) is Family & Loyalty: He will fiercly protect those he loves. [IMAGE] ~ Learn about Magyckal, Mystical & Mysterious Wolves ~ Read about Wolf Awareness Week & How You Can Help Sign & Share Pe... more
Thu. 10/19 All day New moon
Fri. 10/27 All day First quarter
Sat. 10/28
Thu. 11/23
All day Celtic Tree Month (Reed) ~ ~ Reed Moon ~ [IMAGE] Reeds are associated with the dead and the Underworld. Image © Comstock/Getty Images; Licensed to Reed is typically used to make wind instruments, and this time of year, its haunting sounds are ... more
Sat. 10/28 4:00 AM Celtic Tree Month of Reed ~


Tue. 10/31 4:00 AM Samhain ~


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Sat. 11/4 All day Full moon
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